Areas of Expertise

Simple, elegant Traditional Family Funerals

Celebration of Life Funerals

Minimalist no-fuss Funerals

'Back to Nature', Green & Eco-friendly Funerals

Creative, Unconventional & Free-spirited Funerals

New Age & Holistic Themed Funerals

Memorial Services & Celebrations

Scattering of Ashes Ceremonies

Interment of Ashes Ceremonies

Future Planning Your Own Funeral or Memorial Service

Pet Funerals & Memorial Services

Pet Bereavement Support


Other Areas of Celebrancy

Baby Naming Ceremonies


Simple Wedding Ceremonies


Renewal of Vows


House Blessings

Infant Loss

I am professionally accredited by the Infant Loss Foundation, and specially trained in the provision of Funerals & Memorial Services for children and babies, stillbirth, neo-natal & miscarriage bereavements.


I believe this is an exceptionally sensitive area, in which families' unique needs are not always met with the kindness and understanding they deserve.


I have chosen to undertake specialist training so that I may help, in some small way, to address this.


My Approach

We will arrange an informal meeting (adhering to the latest Covid 19 guidelines) where we can talk about your loved one and their life. During our time together I will learn about their character, and the things that made them special - their achievements and adventures, as well as their foibles and funny moments. Looking through family albums while we chat may help you to share your loved one's story.

Your thoughts and memories will help me to create an authentic portrait of your loved one in words. This true-to-life eulogy will form the essence of our ceremony.

It will be complemented by thoughtfully chosen music, readings or poems. I can help you to select these if necessary. I shall also guide and support anyone who wishes to speak during the ceremony, or contribute in other ways.

You will receive a draft copy of the manuscript a couple of days after we meet, and any amendments will be made to your satisfaction.

On the day, I shall deliver your loved one's ceremony, and assist anyone giving readings or making a personal tribute. You will receive your full Ceremony Manuscript afterwards, which you can forward to loved ones who may like to have a memento copy of their own.

I will work closely with you, enabling you to be as involved as you wish in the planning of your ceremony. There is far more freedom and flexibility to hold the service that you really want, than most families realise.

We have only one chance to get this right, so together let’s make your loved one’s ceremony something very special indeed.