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Planning Ahead...

Creating your own Ceremony

Designing the style & content of your own funeral or memorial ceremony in advance, with the help of a celebrant like myself, is a great kindness to those left behind. It also helps to ensure you 'get what you want'.


Too often, bereaved families find themselves planning a service under pressure, while mentally and emotionally bewildered. Confusion and anxiety over doing the right thing can lead to hurried decisions and well-intentioned but mis-guided choices, and sometimes, regrets that last a lifetime.

You can prevent this, and provide your loved ones with peace of mind, knowing they're following your personal instructions and honouring your wishes.


Having a ceremony plan, created by you, will bring enormous reassurance as they make the arrangements, confident that they're getting it right.

From knowing whether you want burial or cremation, hymns or rock anthems, prayers or a sing-a-long, those called upon to plan a funeral have a tremendous amount to consider.

If you'd like to simplify things for those you leave behind, please get in touch to arrange a Planning Ahead meeting.



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